Mikhail Forrester

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About The Artist

Mikhail Forrester is one of the most dynamic contemporary artists of today. He is a self-taught man of natural talent having learned the love of painting without formal instruction. His inspiration comes from his love and passion for life. He is always pushing the boundaries of conventional translated in the most simplistic form. For him, art is all about arousing and expressing the inner emotions and energy. Each peace is uniquely powerful and creates a synergy in any room that can be loved and appreciated. What makes Mikhail Forrester work so remarkable is his ability to create such magnificent range of design imprinted upon the heart, embedded upon your consciousness.

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After years of photography and creative experiments, Mikhail has developed his own unique style of painting with a keen eye for imagery composition and motion.
Each piece is positive and vibrant with a surreal element of wonder that illuminates as the focal point of any room. Movement is conveyed in a gentle form to give an experience of health and happiness.
Paintings are oil-based medium completed with free brush and/or pallet knife enhanced with a multi-dimensional illusion.